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With the love of horror films, filmmaking and a huge interest into the paranormal, our vision is to take the viewer on a journey that best suits the location. When it comes to the paranormal, as most of you know, it likes to keep you on your toes so to do the best job we can, we use kit that works best suited for that purpose.


We use pro kit that is relatively small, easy enough to put together whilst being durable for any location.  We can't just shout action and expect the paranormal to perform, we have to go in prepared and ready to go.


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In 2014 Owen and Sean started out with 2 camcorders. They created their first show called Afterlife Paranormal Investigation. During this time they started Alternate Realm Productions. In 2018 they rebranded to Dark Territory and in 2020 they teamed up with Karl Hassall from Dark Arts TV. It felt like a natural progression.  "It was as if we had known Karl for years, he was the perfect fit". With everything in place, Dark Territory's Season 1 was born.


2021 and Season 1 was complete. A few months in they were contacted by SPACEMOB Studios to help create a Season 2. Eric Keith came on board as executive producer.


Fast forward to 2023 and they are now working with major brands and their content is currently showing on Amazon Prime, IMDb, Plex, Vizio, Tubi, Cinidigm, Dark Matters TV and YouTube. 

During 2021, Owen was approached to work on another project with Capstone Entertainment and SPACEMOB studios to colour their award winning show Girl Unscripted


2023 and Season 3 is in production. With an estimated 8 episodes and some new exciting locations and with some new production ideas, this season will hopefully be one not to miss.





Over the years AR Productions have grown their tech. From Canon to Panasonic, Black Magic, RED, DEITY, Sony and Aputure. Using such brands will allows us to produce the cinematography we've always wanted.




We've always tried to produce our own scores. There are a few professional royalty free companies out there that have helped us out massively but sometimes when you want that something special you just need to do it yourself.


With the help of Native instruments we've been able to create some of the music/scoring that we've always wanted but in 2020 we came across Daljit at SINIUS Productions. Once we heard his work we had to have him on board. Luckily for us, he wanted in! 



Film composer and sound designer from the United Kingdom. Daljit Kundi is best known for composing dark ambient, drone music for paranormal and supernatural documentaries by Dark Territory and Haunted Saginaw.


Music by SINIUS, featured in various found-footage films, including The House In-Between II and Hell House LLC III (Lake of Fire). Daljit Kundi composed the original motion picture soundtrack for TRACK and its sequel Tracking the Lore (The Search for Australia’s Bigfoot continues). Daljit Kundi was remixed by Akira Yamaoka back in 2016 with long-term collaborator Ludvig Cimbrelius on 12'' vinyl (Limited Edition). Akira Yamaoka (Japanese composer and music producer. He is best known for composing music for several video games in the Silent Hill series by Konami, among other games. Yamaoka also worked as a producer on the series, as well as composing for the Silent Hill film and its sequel.)



Click on SINIUS photos to take you to his page

SINIUS - Cemetery Mist 2.wavArtist Name
00:00 / 02:17
SINIUS - Unknown Presence (Finished Version) 2.wavArtist Name
00:00 / 01:50


Here are some of the tracks we used on Season 2 from SINIUS Productions

SINIUS - The Last Breath.wavArtist Name
00:00 / 01:22
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