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Ancient Ram Inn

Season 1 - Episode 10: For the finale of the series the guys return to a location that’s haunted them all since their past investigations there. Said to be the most haunted building in the UK and by far the oldest place visited in this series, what will be in store for the team this time within the cold dark walls of the Ancient Ram Inn?

Silver Mountain Mine

The team are faced with an investigation unlike anything they've experienced before; to descend into a 17th century silver mine! Llywernog Mine, now known as the Silver Mountain Experience, has been a tourist attraction for the past decade - for those brave enough to venture down into it's dark 300-year-old mining tunnels! Since opening as an attraction both staff and visitors have experienced some unexplainable events over the years. The site's owner Simon Pickard was eager to get our verdict, on whether we believed it really was haunted..

Cannock Chase

With the Coronavirus lockdown period finally lifting in the UK, the boys get back to what they do best... getting completely lost in a huge forest, infamous for its supernatural sightings! From the mysterious black-eyed children to UFO's and aliens, for some unknown reason Cannock Chase is said to be a hub for paranormal activity. Admittedly the guys were somewhat skeptical about how much evidence they would realistically obtain from an outside environment - where a whole host of contamination would be unavoidable - but these initial doubts were certainly removed by the end of this investigation!

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

The next instalment in the series sees the team investigate a former military facility that was once kept top secret - a Cold War nuclear defence bunker. Today the bunker is a museum commemorating it's past, where many visitors and staff members have experienced strange activity that they simply cannot explain. So how could this place be haunted, when the war that it was designed for never came?

30 East Drive

Season 1 - Episode 4: Are you ready to face the widely feared 30 East Drive? Said to be home to the most violent poltergeist in the whole of Europe... what will happen to the guys as they spend an entire night inside this seriously haunted house?!

The Leopard Hotel & Gresley Old Hall

Season 1 - Episode 3: Returning to their roots the team investigate a derelict Victorian hotel, The Leopard; where paranormal investigating first began for Sean and Owen. Will the building still be as active as it was all those years ago? They then head to Derbyshire to investigate the popular Gresley Old Hall, thought to be one of the most haunted places in the Midlands. We would like to thank Sharon Crisp for featuring in the episode to share her knowledge of the Leopard Hotel.

The Haunted Museum

In this episode the guys investigate what was recently a derelict cinema, until the UK Ghost Hunts team purchased the building and converted it into a museum... for haunted objects. Having since been investigated by many paranormal teams, it has quickly gained a reputation for having poltergeist activity, as well as many other strange occurrences... enough to even scare ghost hunters away!

Bron Y Garth

Season 1 - Pilot: The guys spend the night at a location that has seen nothing but death since the 1800’s. Formerly a Victorian workhouse, more recently a community hospital, Bron Y Garth is certainly not a place for the feint hearted!